9 reasons to Invest in Canberra

Ever thought of doing business in Canberra?

Canberra is a fantastic place to do business. In fact, if you’re looking for a business-friendly economic environment, set within a unique location that generates an enviable quality of life, then there is no better place to set up your office than Canberra. 

So why WOULD you choose to do business here? Here’s 9 reasons why you should consider opening an office in Canberra:

1. A strong economy

Canberra has one of the most secure economies in Australia. The  capital’s economy has the long term rate of economic growth (GDP) of 3% for the previous 5 years - this outperforms that of the nation. And you can add to that a lower than average unemployment rate of 3.5%.

2. Access to Government

Canberra’s business friendly environment is also the place where Australia's national political decisions are made, offering contact with the nation's federal politicians and their advisors, national organisations and business groups, and key influencers of domestic and international government policy.

3. A well-educated, productive workforce

Canberra boasts an extremely well educated population. Not only are we a productive place of business, Canberra’s adult population has a much higher orientation towards post-graduate (12%) and bachelor degrees (21%) when compared to the nation (5% and 13% respectively). This lends itself to a clever population with a relatively higher disposable income to keep the local economy moving.

4. Central location

Canberra is centrally located and easily accessible to most major capital and regional centres in Australia. Close and well linked to other major Australian cities, particularly Sydney and Melbourne, Canberra's strategic location also allows convenient access to significant agricultural and commercial centres, and the vibrant Asia Pacific region.

5. Population growth demands greater resources

Canberra’s population is projected to reach 400,000 by 2017. One of Canberra’s northern townships, Gungahlin, is the third fastest growing region in Australia, attracting hundreds of millions in investment to keep up with the needs and wants of a fast growing population.

6. Rated the best place to live in the world

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) rankings have yet again confirmed what many Canberrans have long known -  that our city is the best place to live in the world. It is a clean, safe and modern city that is renowned for its open spaces, arts and culture and vibrant program of events

7. Hassle free driving

Canberra is a well-planned city making it hassle free to navigate, even during peak times. Traffic is consistently relatively low, commute times are short and the well-planned road system allows easy access to commercial networks and reduces unproductive times spent in transit.

8. A social scene

With many lively key precincts, each with a unique offering of world class restaurants, bars and retail outlets, there are many options to keep locals and visitors entertained.  There are many cultural attractions to explore, and every weekend you will find the crowds gathered at the local markets, shopping precincts and out exploring the great outdoors.

9. The great outdoors

There are plenty of national reserves and open spaces for you to enjoy in Canberra with walking trails, bike paths and parks for big and little kids alike.  It’s also just a short trip to the South Coast, or the Snowy Mountains.

Many local and international businesses have discovered the multitude of benefits to opening an office in Canberra. To find out more, contact Invest Canberra at: /contact-us.aspx