Canberra based company, Geospatial, looks to the international market place

Case study – Geospatial Intelligence

Canberra business, Geospatial Intelligence Pty Ltd, has found great success with major clients in the public and private sector enterprises that operate both locally and internationally. The business is now also looking at the commercialisation of geospatial solutions designed for mobile devices in the international market place - these guys are growing, with plans to launch new solutions in mid-2015.

So, just how have they done this?

They believe in part due to the fact that they are located in Canberra. Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Rob Coorey, says keeping their business going in Canberra is conducive to future growth because of their relationships with existing large companies and the Government.

So, just who are Geospatial Intelligence Pty Ltd? They are an Australian owned, privately held company specialising in geospatial solutions with a focus on helping their clients make the best possible decision when their problem involves complex location data.

They access a wide variety of geospatial data and third party GIS software and, combined with in-house tools and expertise, make sense out of complex solutions involving location based data.

And, they are headquartered in Canberra.

“There is most definitely an advantage to doing business in Canberra. For Geospatial Intelligence, this is for three very strategic reasons – our anchor clients (the Australian Government), our partners (international geospatial data suppliers and international systems integrators) and the high quality, world-class talent emerging from the numerous universities and research organisations based in Canberra,” said Rob Coorey.

“Many international players are also based here which has allowed us to develop strong relationships with them,” he continued.

Geospatial also attributes their business growth in part to the assistance they have received from the ACT Government.

“The ACT Government provided grant funding assistance for our R&D activities and opportunities to expand our networks and to enable us to take concepts to commercialisation.

“They have fostered a growing, thriving entrepreneurial community which has been supportive of the company’s commercialisation efforts. They have also recognised the importance of this community through its support of innovation networks,” Rob continued.

Rob says Geospatial Intelligence has retained their business in Canberra because it offers what their talented people want – a beautiful, clean, relaxed city that provides a diverse range of sporting and leisure activities, and it’s also a wonderful place to raise a family.

 “The quality of life here is fantastic. It has all of the facilities of a large city, but you don’t have traffic jams every day. So in the time you would be sitting in a car you could be being more productive.  Canberra also has a community feel about it and that community feel extends into the business arena as well.

“There are many small to large businesses in Canberra. We all know each other and we all get along very well. I think that’s quite unique for a city,” concluded Rob.

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Rob Coorey - GI Office