Canberra is All Grown Up

Canberra is a city that has rapidly grown up, now fitting into its urban skin - much to the delight of the people who live and work here.

From urban renewal projects through to a calendar of world-class events, Canberra is shrugging off its reputation of being dull and without heart or soul.  It’s well-deserving of the title of OECD’s most liveable city.  Here are just some of the ways in which Canberra is clearly evolving. 

Urban jungle

Canberra is more than a public service town, as evidenced in part by the recently revived areas of Braddon, New Acton and the Kingston Foreshore.  Award-winning restaurants, hipster coffee shops and bars, sleek modern architecture, stylish boutiques, bustling markets and a lively sense of community are ripe for the picking in these exciting precincts. 

Food (and drink) for the soul

Whatever your cuisine craving, Canberra has it covered.  From hatted establishments to relaxed pop up dining options, Canberra is reputed to have one of the highest number of restaurants per capita in the nation. 

The local café and bar scene continues to grow rapidly, and with the best barista in the world faring from Canberra (Sasa Sestic from Manuka’s ONA Coffee), the coffee culture is perked and rapidly brewing.  Add to this the dozens of wineries in the Canberra District and it’s clear that Canberrans have an appreciation for the finer things in life. 

It’s all happening

From Fashfest, the annual showcase of Canberra’s diverse local design talent, through to Enlighten, a night-time fiesta of exclusive events and illuminated experiences, there is always something to do.  Even when it’s freezing, you can always rug up and strap on your skates for some ice-skating action in the city centre, or perhaps try your hand at tobogganing at nearby Corin Forest.   Exhibitions, theatre, sports, markets, concerts, the list goes on.

In the pipeline

Capital Metro is a planned light rail system for Canberra, a plan to ensure the Canberra’s transport system can meet the needs of this growing city over the next 20 years.  The aim is for Canberrans to be less reliant on their cars, providing health and environmental benefits and boosting the Canberra economy in the process.

Canberra is an exciting, dynamic place to both live and do business, and it’s only getting better. For details on how you can do business in Canberra, contact Invest Canberra at

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