eWAY – looking for a good thing? It’s in Canberra

Most people have had a go at online shopping at some point in their life. What could be easier than browsing for the things you love and being able to buy at the click of a button?

But do you ever wonder what happens to your payment once you click that button? Where does the payment go and how is it reconciled with the business you’re buying from?

Matt Bullock knows all about it, in extensive detail. 17 years ago he started up his business eWAY which is a secure ominchannel payment platform. In really basic terms, eWAY processes credit card payments made by customers online, but where eWAY stands out from the rest is that they offer equal parts technology and humanity.

From his original home town of Parkes, Matt moved to Canberra where he invested $50,000 of his own money to start eWAY. Clearly a great business move as today eWAY connects to 27 banks and over 500 shopping carts amd web platforms internationally.

“Last year eWAY did 4.6 billion dollars in credit card payments processing in Australia, and we’re hoping to hit 6 billion dollars in 2015. We’ve currently got 18,816 customers, and we’re expecting to hit the 20,000 mark in the next month or so. We’re processing payments in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and the UK,” said Matt Bullock, CEO and Founder of eWAY.

The company is headquartered in Canberra, with eWAY offices in Auckland, Toronto and Edinburgh. They also have plans to move into the US in the future.

“There is never a shortage of businesses selling products or services online who need to take payment.

“eWAY also assists businesses with linking invoices to payments via Xero or Netsuite which saves time, energy and money,” Matt continued.

So why do business in Canberra?

Matt says, above all, it’s the lifestyle which the national capital affords him.

“I love Canberra. I have two young boys, and get to live just 2.3 kilometres from my office. I love the atmosphere and feel of the place, the mountains, the fresh air, blue skies and four seasons.

“I’m on a plane every other week, and I can be at the airport in just 20 minutes, the roads are good and I love the speed at which I can get around. Where I live, the lifestyle is very important to me. It’s a great city, with great roads and everything I need is here, so I’ll stay in Canberra,” Matt continued.

Matt says over the years he has received funding from the ACT Government for different projects he has worked on, particularly from Austrade some years ago. And he says he sees the value of boosting funding in that space– funding for people just starting out in business that will encourage them to have a go. He’d also love to see a shift in people’s perceptions of Canberra from it just being a Government town, to it being a modern, IT services city.

Things are definitely happening at eWAY. Matt  comments that eWAY is ‘heading for world domination of payments’. But perhaps that’s not as far away as it sounds, as eWAY is soon to launch in the US, and will soon be announcing the launch of their innovative mPOS (mobile point of sale) solution.

The eWAY mPOS solution "PayThis", will allow taking mobile EFTPOS and online payments a lot easier whilst on the go - through a mobile device. eWAY are revolutionising this space by allowing the payment on the go to update other business apps like Xero and Shopify, to receipt invoice payments and update inventory. Now companies can truly run their business from their mobile phone.

World domination indeed…find out more about eWAY at https://eway.io/

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