Exciting new Canberra project takes the city to the lake

If you haven’t been to Canberra in a while, you need to take a seriously good look at the place. The national capital has had so many recent additions to the city in terms of infrastructure, and plans for some even bigger changes, it’s really only going to get more exciting as the years roll on.

There’s a pretty big project happening right now which is causing a real buzz around town, and will be sure to add another layer of infrastructure to Canberra - it’s a world class project designed to transform Canberrs city centre and take the city to the nearby Lake Burley Griffin, and the project is aptly named just that - City to the Lake.

Urban renewal is a core priority of the ACT Government as it is vital to growing Canberra’s economy and strengthening the community. The Government’s investment in the project allows for the transformation of areas around the city, and will most definitely cater for a variety of activities and indeed, private investment.

So what does this project actually look like?

City to the Lake will almost double the size of the city centre, providing over 1 million square metres of new floor space, 15,000 new residents and a major cultural and entertainment precinct including a new stadium, convention/exhibition centre and lakeside aquatic and wellness centre. 

And the city centre will seamlessly connect to the public waterfront via a grid of new city streets, pedestrian paths and cycle ways creating a prestigious lakeside address for the city centre. 

Sounds big right? It is. It’s a long term project, expected to be progressively delivered over the next 20 years. But one thing’s for sure, things are happening in Canberra right now and the ACT Government has just announced funding at the recent budget for stage one, the West Basin renewal.

The 2015-16 ACT Budget will deliver $10.1 million in funding to construct a waterfront precinct in West Basin.  The project is also a key part of the government’s infrastructure program, creating jobs and economic activity in the territory.

Construction of the first stage of the waterfront is scheduled to commence later this year, and will include a new park, playground, barbeque facilities and recreation areas at ‘Point Park’ - the southern headland of West Basin, adjacent to Commonwealth Avenue Bridge. New paths will connect Commonwealth Avenue to the waterfront, there will be a purpose built pavilion on the promenade suitable for a café or tourist facility, and better vehicle access to the waterfront and Commonwealth Park.

All of the City to the Lake projects are being prepared to investment-ready status to inform what infrastructure needs to be funded, what is available for investment and what the timing and phasing of the project will be.

So stay tuned to find out just how the nation’s capital is growing and changing, and just how many new business opportunities are here waiting for you.

For more information on City to the Lake visit www.citytolake.com.au. Want to find out more about setting up a successful business in Canberra? Invest Canberra is here to help.  Contact us today (02) 6207 5111

Photo: Visit Canberra

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