From Canberra to the world, QuintessenceLabs on the up in cyber security

Case study – QuintessenceLabs

Ever wonder what happens to all the sensitive data floating around the place? It’s cared for and managed by the likes of the good people at QuintessenceLabs.

This Canberra based company broadly falls within the realm of cyber security  and in basic terms applies quantum physics to protect data that is on the move between two locations (ie being communicated), at rest (ie in storage) and in use (ie in applications). Complex right? How do you even start a company like this?

For QuintessenceLabs, or QLabs as they like to be called, it all started with a seed planted at Canberra’s Australian National University (ANU) where QLabs Founder and CEO, Vikram Sharma, worked in a field known as Quantum Key Distribution – a method to share encryption keys securely.

Then in 2008, Vikram started QLabs which now has an industry-leading suite of products  designed to protect sensitive information. Amazingly the company produces the world’s fastest true random number generator, capable of generating a billion random numbers per second – high quality true random numbers are an important requirement for strong data protection.

Vikram, a long-time Canberra resident, loves the lifestyle offered by the city and is appreciative of the national capital’s support for QLabs’ growth.

“Canberra provides us access to skilled resources through its three universities, proximity to the Government and an enviable lifestyle which absolutely ranks amongst the best in the world. Most of our staff can commute to work within 15 minutes. Support from the ACT Government has been an important factor in driving growth which has seen us double the size of our team in Canberra.

 “Canberra hosts significant organisations in our three major market sectors  - government, defence and financial services. These organisations share a strong common desire to safeguard sensitive data,” said Vikram.

QLabs has a subsidiary office in San Jose in the Silicon Valley and is looking to expand business development efforts to accelerate its push into the US market. They are also looking to open offices in Singapore and London in the next 18 months – not bad for a Canberra start up!

“We are very grateful for the support received from the ACT Government, Commercialisation Australia, and of course our investors, as we continue the journey to build a world-leading Australian cybersecurity company headquartered in Canberra,” Vikram concluded.

Watch this space for more exciting news on the growth of QLabs.

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Vikram Sharma - Q Labs