Digital Economy and e-Government

As one of the first cities in the world to introduce an advanced broadband fibre optic cable network, Canberra is a city that believes in the future of the digital economy and ranks as one of the world's most ICT connected places.

Home to Australia’s largest ICT client

The Australian Government is the largest consumer of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) products and services in the nation. Being at the heart of government, the digital economy and e-government sector is a major competitive force and represents another opportunity for investment in the ACT economy.

ICT provides the services and expertise that power Canberra's knowledge-based economy and the sector fosters over 1,000 local businesses1.

Employing around 12,000 people2, these businesses range in size from multinationals, to medium sized international and Australian firms, right down to cutting edge solution developers in small and micro businesses.

Headquarters for NCI – Australia’s high performance supercomputing facility

Canberra is home to The National Computational Infrastructure, the Southern Hemisphere’s most integrated supercomputing facility and highest performance research cloud providing research, development, analysis and support for data and computationally intensive projects including your computational business needs.

Higher education and ICT graduate research programs

Canberra's renowned tertiary institutions also have significant ICT graduate and undergraduate programs ensuring a steady stream of talent for the continued support of the local ICT businesses. The computer science faculty at the Australian National University collaborates with leading international universities and computing corporations.

Investment in innovation and accelerating the digital economy

The ACT Government is a foundation supporter and initiator of the Canberra Innovation Network. CBRIN connects our community of innovators and entrepreneurs and is a collaboration between our leading universities, CSIRO, Data61 and leading industry players to provide support, advice and services to grow a diversified economy and support our startup culture.
Many digital and e-Government success stories that now export globally have come through the CBR Innovation Network, and its Entry 29, Kiln Incubator and Griffin Accelerator programs. 

1 Source: Andrew Barr press release on 22 March 2012

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