Supporting Investment

Invest Canberra is the Australian Capital Territory's investment, trade and export promotion and facilitation service.

We are dedicated to growing an already competitive and sustainable ACT economy. Our free and impartial services open doors for businesses and help drive investment further by providing intelligence on the local market, fostering business connections and offering support through the investment decision and execution process.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Identifying business opportunities and developing a business case for moving to Canberra.
  • Providing research and specialist knowledge of Canberra and its local market conditions and growth opportunities.
  • Establishing networking connections with investment and trading partners and government contacts.
  • Providing onward referrals to relevant service providers to assist your business.
  • Opening pathways to government funding opportunities specific to the ACT region.
  • Providing information on local regulations and business costs.
  • Assisting the investment process and cutting through red tape.
  • Offering continued support through the initial set-up and beyond, to leverage your growth opportunities in Canberra.

Invest Canberra has several key objectives.

In the short term, our objectives are:

  • Promote continued expansion and engagement in Canberra by existing foreign investors, and promote new investors to do business in Canberra
  • Promote investment in the city's key infrastructure projects
  • Boost international investment in the key industry sectors in which Canberra already excels and has the potential for continued growth.

Our longer term objectives are:

  • Secure investment in innovation and new technologies, in close association with our universities and technology companies.
  • Attract investment from international institutions that will find Canberra suitable as a government city location for their international headquarters.